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About us

Cherry Hill Park is a family owned and operated RV resort with traditional values and modern amenities. We are the closest RV park and campground to Washington D.C. and we strive to provide the best camping experience for our guests.

The Gurevich's have been serving campers in the D.C are for over five generations. It started out in the 1920's as Cherry Hill Poultry Farm and allowed travelers to set up camp behind the general store. Over the years facilities improved and as World War II ended, in response to a housing shortage in the area, the farm was converted to Cherry Hill Mobile Home Village for local citizens. As highways improved and more people began to travel for leisure, the Gurevich's noticed the need for a great location for people to stay while visiting the area and thus developed Cherry Hill Campcity.

The most current iteration of the campground came about as a total revamp to the park in the 1980's in order to accommodate bigger and better RV's. Built one mile away from the original farm, Cherry Hill Park officially opened in October 7, 1989.

Over the years we have grown and evolved, but our main focus has always stayed the same: providing guests the best hospitality and tourism options that D.C. has to offer.